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When you go another dating service, you are often faced with two realities: you have to pay a lot of money with no guarantee of success or you have to sacrifice your personal information, the company responsible selling it to the highest bidder and you not seeing anything for it.

LuzFaltex decided that enough was enough. We're launching LuzFaltex dating, a dating service that

  1. Costs nothing. We mean it - As a member, you are given access to the entire platform.
  2. Protects your privacy - We do not sell your data. Ever.

Naturally, a service like ours is not free to run. We reduce our costs by hosting on, who offers very competitive prices. Additionally, we accept donations. If you would like to donate, simply opt to upgrade your account. At this time, paid users don't have any extra perks, but we are taking recommendations!

We are in public alpha. Please expect that many items on the site to be incomplete, broken, or otherwise populated with some sort of filler text. In addition, our site may not be in compliance with our privacy policy. Please bear with us  while we experiment with this software.